Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Family Services Supports Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ulster County!

Family Services' staff bravely laced up their shoes and took to the lanes to help support our affiliate organization, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ulster County.  The Bowl for Kids Sake is an annual fundraising event for BBBS.

                      Left to right: Sasha Helton, Mike Coleman, Sue West, Anthony Lucky,                                            Jean Calyer,  Jessica Wallach, Doug & Tess Nostrand  

Since 1977, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ulster County has been helping children to reach their potential through professionally supported mentoring relationships. Many of us, if we think back to our youth, had an adult make an impact on our lives. Maybe you were a Little Brother/Little Sister yourself... maybe it was a coach, a teacher a pastor. It was the person who made you feel special and helped you on the path to adulthood. That’s what BBBS wants for these children.

For more information on BBBS and their events please call  (845) 338-0431 or visit their website at www.bigbrothersbigsistersulster.org

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