Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day of Service by IBM Employees Helps the Family Partnership Center

As part of IBM's Celebration of Service, designed to allow employees, retirees, clients and business partners to donate their time and expertise during the company's Centennial year, 300,000 IBMers around the world-- close to three quarters of its global workforce- are volunteering in more than 5,000 projects in 120 countries, meeting civic and societal challenges and serving millions in need.

Today, over 50 IBMers are volunteering their time and services to help spruce up the Family Partnership Center!  We are so pleased and grateful for IBM's support!

Revving up the power tools!

Painting the auditorium

Working on an Annex walkway.

Freshening up the front of the Family Partnership Center.

The IBM team sprucing up the Annex backyard!

 Representing FSI at the IBM Kick-Off event: (l-r) Dave Sollenberger,
Jean Calyer, Susan West, Hope Shoemaker, John Festa

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