Monday, October 17, 2011

Help Us Provide Thanksgiving to Ulster County Families

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The Family Education Program of Family Services provides home and group-based parent education to families in Ulster County. We have many traditions that we share with families and one tradition that is very important to us is to make a home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner for the families we work with. The entire staff of our program cooks traditional Thanksgiving dishes as well as some of our own secret family recipes. It is our way of acknowledging the day to day struggles our clients face and providing them with a nurturing experience that they may not have the resources to create for themselves.
This year we do not have the funds in our budget to purchase the items we need for this event. We are asking our neighbors, friends, local business owners, and corporations to donate a little something for our dinner. The items we need are as follows:
Green beans (canned or frozen)
Stove Top Stuffing Mix
Canned yams
Fresh potatoes
Pie Crust
Gift cards to grocery stores are also welcome to help us purchase spices, appetizers and condiments. Please consider making a donation this year so that we can continue this fun and nurturing Family Education tradition. For more information or to make a donation please contact Denise Parent at 845-331-5641 x221.
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