Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Family Holiday Movie Night

As the winter winds begin to blow through the valley so do the fond memories of Holidays’ past. The gathering of friends and family to share the joy of gifts we all hope to receive.  Oh what a wonderful time of year!  The thrill, the anticipation the excitement we hope to pass to our children so that they too will have that glorious feeling! 

On Friday, December 15th Family Services held a Family Holiday Movie Night, attended by hundreds of pajama – clad local children and their families at the Family Partnership Center in the City of Poughkeepsie.

The Family Partnership Center glowed like never before! As the children entered through a sea of lights, they were greeted by Frosty who made things feel just right. Santa Claus was here to their delight to see what they wanted for Christmas this year.  With eyes all fixed on the remarkable stage set, replete with steaming locomotive and toy factory, the children then heard the call of “ALL ABOARD” for their journey to the North Pole on the “Polar Express”.  With cookies and cocoa and some popcorn too… We hope the children will always remember this night.

We are all so grateful to the outpouring of support we received from the community. To so many IBM Volunteers, Betsy Carswell one of our guiding lights, Sheila Appel and Maria Dewald, Jamie VanDodick, Carol Quaid, Linda St. Martin, Tom Koscal, Scott Woolley, Keith and Abby Heilmann, Deann O’Neill, Maureen Hackett, Michele Szynal, Matt Mauriello, Amanda Baxter, Jean and Shelby Calyer, Peter Raymond, Jessica Wallach, Mary Turner, Kathy Bounty, Kat Raynor, Virginia Currie, Mary Westermann, Kathi Skellan, Kevin carswell and all the elves who volunteered to help make this event happen.

A special thanks is owed to Sheriff Butch Anderson, our Santa Claus, and Undersheriff Kirk Imperati.  Let’s not forget Frosty, Elisha Cano.  To all of our sponsors especially IBM, AT&T much thanks.

Many local businesses provided the necessary supplies from water to cookies, cocoa and popcorn too!  Adams Fairacre Farms, Stop & Shop, Pastry Garden, Dutchess Beer Distributors, Price Choppers, Starbucks, Panera Bread, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Beekman Arms, Fidelis Care and The Daily Planet.
We hope to take the success of this evening and look forward to a tradition that we at Family Services can host year after year.  BELIEVE!

Brian Doyle, CEO
Family Services

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